Monday, February 13, 2012

[GB] Lynx Kernel Version 1.0


Based on stock kernel

Kernel patched from to

Added Ezekeel's Mod(BLD, BLN, BLX, CustomVoltage, LiveOC, Touchwake)
(thanks to Ezekeel)

Added Voodoo Color and Voodoo Sound
(thanks to supercurio)

Added Governors
(interactiveX, lagfree, lazy, lulzactive)

Added I/O Schedulers
(BFQ-v2-r1, SIO, VR)

Tweaked Governors - Consulted franciscofranco's tweak(thanks to franciscofranco)
(Conservative, Ondemand)

CPUIdle backport from 3.2 Kernel - Consulted SG-NS-ICS(thanks to Steve Garon)

Change battery percentage calculation.(thanks to KalimochoAz)

Increased frame rate to 65fps

SLQB Memory allocator.

BIGMEM support.

Optimized CRC32 algorithm

Optimized ARM RWSEM algorithm

and more tweaks...


Changed value MAX_CHARGINGLIMIT from 96 to 100 (BLX)

Download link is HERE
Source's link is HERE

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