Sunday, April 15, 2012

[GB] Lynx Kernel 1.5.0


Based on stock kernel

Kernel patched from to

Added BLD, BLN, BLX, CustomVoltage, LiveOC, Touchwake
(thanks to Ezekeel, neldar)

Modified LiveOC

Added Voodoo Color and Voodoo Sound
(thanks to supercurio)

Added Governors
(interactiveX, lagfree, lazy, Smartass v2 and Intellidemand, Interactive, Lulzactive v2, Scary, Smartass) from AIR-Kernel, cm-kernel, SG-NS-ICS, GLaDOS. Thanks to Ezekeel, KalimochoAz, r_data, Steve Garon.

Added I/O Schedulers
(BFQ-v2-r1, SIO, VR)

Tweaked Governors - Consulted franciscofranco's tweak(thanks to franciscofranco)
(Conservative, Ondemand)

Kernel Samepage Merging(thanks to morfic)

CPUIdle backport from 3.2 Kernel - Consulted SG-NS-ICS(thanks to Steve Garon)
Deepidle (Cherry-picked GLaDOS. Thanks to Ezekeel)

Normal-Overclocked with LiveOC or Bus-Overclocked without LiveOC

Change battery percentage calculation.(thanks to KalimochoAz)

Increased frame rate to 65fps

SLQB Memory allocator.

BIGMEM support.

Optimized CRC32 algorithm

Optimized ARM RWSEM algorithm

and more tweaks...

Changelog (1.5.0)

Patched Simple I/O Scheduler(thanks to simone201)

Patch BCM4329's firmware(thanks to reddv1)

Patched Aries's Multitouch fix(thanks to reddv1)

Changed Kernel's Compression to XZ(thanks to KalimochoAz)

Bring over sleep crash fix(thanks to netarchy, Michael Huang)

LiveOC has Updated to compeleted version of Selective LiveOC

Removed 880MHz and Re-Added 800MHz(Bus-Overclocked)

Changelog (1.2.1)

Fixed CPU Frequency Governor Smartassv2(thanks to abev66)

Removed Bus-OC's CPU Frequency 800MHz

Removed Low Voltage Settings (Bus-OC)

Normal-OC has updated LiveOC to LiveOC with Selective LiveOC.

Added Kernel Samepage Merging(KSM) - Thanks to morfic

Changelog (1.2)

Fixed freezing issue.

CPU Frequency has divided into Normal-OC(100/200/400/800/1000/1100/1200/1400MHz) and Bus-OC(100/200/400/800/880/1100/1320MHz)
(Consulted Trinity-ns. Thanks to morfic).

Bus-OC doesn't have LiveOC.

Added CPUFreq Governors(Intellidemand, Interactive, Lulzactive v2, Scary, Smartass).

Tweaked CPUFreq Governor Lazy(cherry-picked from GLaDOS-ICS. Thanks to Ezekeel)

Tweaked Scheduler Deadline(cherry-picked from franciscofranco's ICS Kernel. Thanks to franciscofranco)

Removed. and Re-added stable tweaks(consulted, and cheery-picked franco-gb , GLaDOS. Thanks to Ezekeel, Franciscofranco)

Changelog (1.1)

Added power saving state Deepidle version 2(cherry-picked from GLaDOS. Thanks to Ezekeel)

Added OC frequency states 1.4GHz and 1.2GHz(cherry-picked from GLaDOS. Thanks to Ezekeel)

Added CPUFreq Governor Smartass v2

Removed CPUFreq Governor Lulzactive v2

Tweaked CPUFreq Governor Conservative From AIR Kernel(Thanks  to r_data(edoko))

Tweaked kernel(from franco kernel. Thanks to franciscofranco)

Changelog (1.0)

Changed value MAX_CHARGINGLIMIT from 96 to 100 (BLX)

Download Link
(If you click ADs. I'll use for develop.)

BODI - 'B'us-'O'verclocked + 'D'eep'I'dle

Source code is not updated now. I'll update soon.